An effective channel loyalty program for retailers in rural India: Agribusiness Industry

November 5, 2020

By admin

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Channel engagement


A multi-national pesticide company’s channel partner loyalty initiative was intended for distributors and retailers involved in the whole distribution process. The idea was to ensure that the desired growth level is achieved in sync with the overall business strategy.

Target Audience:

Distributor and retailer network across India


  • To engage the channel partners and increase their participation level leading to larger market share achievement
  • To expand existing retail network by creating an aspirational value for the retailers

Accentiv’ Roadmap:

  • Development of program strategy and campaign communication
  • Segmented threads of communication for different sets of target audience
  • Incentive based strategy for retailers involving transactional and behavioral points
  • Unique technological methods for mapping and capturing different SKUs data at the distributor & retailer level
  • Helpdesk management services for campaigns and smooth program communication
  • Exhaustive data driven program analysis to formulate effective campaign strategy and mapping campaign ROI

Program Impact:

  • Program awareness based initiatives acted as a catalyst in increasing the program participation level and SMS response rate
  • Training sessions for the target audience helped in enhancing the overall program understanding in terms of earn and burn mechanism
  • Targeted campaigns strategy resulted in incremental sales and higher redemption levels
  • Usage of unique technology for mapping SKUs data helped in identifying and tracking the whole distribution process smoothly

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