An Omni Channel Loyalty Experience : Skincare Industry

February 10, 2021

By admin

Employee Loyalty Program, Employee Rewards Programs



Problem Statement:

A premium retail skincare brand has seen a massive shift in its business in the past few years. As a traditional brick & mortar brand, they noticed a substantial online demand. They started their own E-comm platform and hypothesized that a lot of the online customers were existing offline ones. However, they didn’t know how to engage with them. They did not have the technical capabilities to track a customer’s journey through various channels or even have a loyalty program that offers an omnichannel experience.

Solution Offered: 

This is a genuinely omnichannel loyalty experience that will allow your customers to complete their purchase in less time, shop more often, and increase their loyalty towards your brand.


The most significant data insight they got from implementing the omnichannel experience was that customers preferred coming to the stores to try new products under the experts’ guidance. But they preferred shopping online for refill items. This, along with many more insights, helped them firm up their business strategy and merchandising plan.


Despite the pandemic and the mandatory lockdown in India, this brand saw a uniform sales pattern because of the omnichannel infrastructure they had already put in place. It allowed them to see a spike in demand and continued to be low on discounts. The brand saw a significant increase in overall digital revenue, reflecting its omnichannel initiatives. At the end of 2020, they saw a contribution of 27% of their revenue from omnichannel customers.