Developing multi-country R & R solution: IT Industry

November 5, 2020

By admin

Employee Recognition Programs, Employee Rewards Programs


Information Technology


Employee Engagement


A multinational IT consulting and system integration services company with a presence in more than 60 countries. The organization’s core focus is on IT business and caters to other areas like consumer care, lighting, healthcare and infrastructure engineering.

The organization wanted to reward and recognize its employees for the organizational behaviour they practice in the workplace. Along with that, they wanted to initiate a peer recognition initiative.

The R & R program was implemented in the organization having more than 100,000 employees.

Target Audience:

About 100,000 employees globally


  • To initiate the practice of peer recognition among the employees
  • To create a culture of ‘celebrating together’ among the employees
  • To have uniformity and consistency in recognition
  • To encourage the employees to perform better and maintain that standard of performance

Accentiv’ Roadmap:

  • Development of program strategy and conception of multi-country communication theme
  • Multi-lingual communication for the target audience belonging to different countries
  • Implementation of an adept employee incentivization strategy and awards on the basis of the employee’s performance
  • Campaign strategy focusing on employee engagement and recognition
  • Program helpdesk management for campaigns – program benefits, points updates & redemption

Program Impact:

  • The Rewards & Recognition Program brought in a culture of peer recognition
  • A 360-degree transformation in peer recognition culture and consistency in employees’ performance across verticals have been observed
  • Enhanced employee engagement level due to introduction of various recognition awards such as:
    • Instant awards
    • Offline awards
  • There was an increase in the level of participation in the program by the employees and a strong association with the organization was formed

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