Making a measurable difference in employee performance: Healthcare Industry

November 5, 2020

By admin

Customer Loyalty Programs In Healthcare




Employee Rewards & Recognition


As leaders in healthcare outsourcing with immense experience in delivering solutions in the field of coding, developing systems for medical partners, data management and accounts & revenue cycle, this premier offshore service provider has multiple offices across Chennai, Andhra Pradesh and Bangalore.

This programme aims at on the spot Rewards and Recognition for its more than 10,000 employees who have performed creditably for the organisation over the years.

Target Audience:



  • To encourage their employees to make a performance difference either individually or through teams
  • To provide timely recognition to employees either as planned or immediate recognition
  • To provide multiple-levels of recognition based on the significance of the contribution
  • To improve employee productivity and quality of work
  • To improve customer service

Accentiv’ Roadmap:

  • Understanding the requirement and scope
  • Finalising the R&R program structure and workflow
  • Acquiring data in the pre-defined format for the complete organization
  • Getting approval on the program catalogue
  • Creating the R&R Program in a demo environment
  • Access to the client for UAT and getting UAT approval from the client
  • Configuring the R&R in the production environment
  • Training to location head teams across 3 states

Program Impact:

  • A measurable increase in employee performance
  • Timely recognition has boosted employee confidence
  • Engagement levels on the portal have resulted in an overall feel-good factor

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