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Motivating the workforce through employee R & R initiatives: FMCG Industry

November 5, 2020

By admin

Employee Rewards And Recognition Program




Employee Recognition


One of the largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods company in India initiated several rewards & recognition programs for their employees to reward them for their various achievements in the company, based on different functions and work levels.

They wanted to implement an umbrella Rewards & Recognition initiative under which all the employee initiatives could be clubbed and a single platform be created for the employees where they would be motivated & incentivized for their performance.

Target Audience:



  • To enhance the experience of the employees by having a centralized program with easy processes that would offer rewards & privileges to them
  • To provide a single platform for the managers to create more employee rewards & recognition initiatives in the future, under the umbrella initiative

Accentiv’ Roadmap:

  • Campaign management as per the various initiatives for the employees in order to motivate them to participate
  • Conceptualizing and development of program communication and collaterals
  • Conceptualizing, planning and managing relationship building initiatives
  • Points management
  • Exhaustive and relevant redemption catalogue management
  • Data analysis in order to establish relevant member insights to improve the overall program performance

Program Impact:

  • Higher number of redemptions were observed with higher point value
  • Better control over the redemptions
  • Higher traffic was observed on the program micro-site during the campaign roll-outs
  • Level of program participation of the employees increased
  • As a ripple effect, other sub-arms of the organization are also considering rolling out similar umbrella employee Rewards and Recognition campaign in Bangladesh & Sri Lanka

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